"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery"

Being a freelance vocal coach is an extremely rewarding career, but it can also feel overwhelming at times and even a little lonely without the right tribe around you.

Many of the vocal coaches that I have worked with have talked about their battles with imposter syndrome, the worry of not knowing enough, or feeling stuck and in need of new ideas.

The thing that all of these coaches have in common is that they are all super passionate about wanting to be the best for their students.

To support you in your mission, I provide supervision (I observe you coaching your student), we workshop ideas on the spot and we have a de-brief afterward so you can feel empowered when working with your clients.

I also run courses for coaches that will soon be available online!

Image by Joshua Ness

Voice Teacher Training

Supervision & Support

45mins Voice Coaching Supervision


45min Debrief & Support Sessions


Image by J. Kelly Brito

Voice Teacher Training

Online Voice Teacher Training 

10+ Hours of Training

Coming Soon

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Voice Teacher Training

Voice Teacher Mentorship Program

Online Voice Teacher Training

Plus 6 Supervision Sessions 

Coming Soon