• Rachel Meadows

Top 10 Gifts of Coaching

Mindset and confidence coaching is a powerful tool for people who are looking to increase their understanding of their own mind, and achieve greater success in their careers whilst feeling empowered and confident. There are many benefits (or gifts as I like to call them) that come with mindset and confidence coaching, but here's my top 10.


My favourite gift is that the benefits of coaching don't just impact you, they also impact the world around you. When you are happy, motivated and fulfilled, this spreads and touches other people in your life, meaning they can be happier too!

Here's my list of top gifts (in no particular order):

  • Reducing Limiting Beliefs

Identifying your beliefs, or the stories that you tell yourself about your life and career, and reframing the negative belief patterns, can help you make breakthroughs and build new healthy habits that last a lifetime.

  • Uncovering Blind Spots

Blind spots are the unknown areas that could be holding you back. With appropriate questioning, and support your coach will help you uncover and move past your blind spots.